Creating a platform for innovation within a B2B insurer

 A townhall at EH Digital Agency

A townhall at EH Digital Agency

EH Digital Agency started in July 2015, with a simple baseline: reinventing trade finance. How long does it take to reinvent an industry and to make it innovation-friendly?

From our perspective at EH Digital Agency, it took 12 months to build the foundations of a platform for innovation. What we basically did for 12 months, was to create two-way porosity between the world of credit insurance and the ecosystems of innovation.

EH is known for being the world leader in trade credit solutions. Not many innovators wake up in the morning thinking about our industry: it is not very well-known, the few people who know it would not call it a sexy industry, and it is heavily regulated.

Reciprocally, as many other corporates, EH innovation was very in-house and lacked an opening to the outside world. To be fair, this was not uniquely a EH issue, it’s the whole B2B finance industry which has a marked tendency to operate in a vacuum.

Just to set the scenes — what is trade credit management and where does insurance come into the picture?