Cartography Blockchain

At the Euler Hermes Digital Agency, we are constantly looking for ways to improve Trade Finance through new technology, aiming to simplify the interaction we have with our clients. In order to map out the different opportunities we decided to build a cartography of the existing ecosystem. This cartography is by no mean exhaustive, but regroup the major most promising initiatives, startups, companies and other experimentations we are seeing in the space. If you feel like we are missing some of them, please feel free to reach out to us at :

We decided to divide the ecosystem into four typologies of actors working in four different “streams”. When actors are working in a consortium, we only added the consortium to avoid clutter.

Here is our streams split: 

  • Tech Platform : actors working on the underlying technology, like building a …

  • Trade documentation lifecycle : actors working on digitizing, automating, simplifying the process of sharing documents among stakeholders in a transaction

  • Trade Finance : actors bridging the financing power and the receivables to provide trade financing capabilities.

  • Process Improvement : actors working on improving certain adjacent processes to Trade finance like KYC, Contract automation, Reconciliation, Settlement, etc.

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