Sami Ben Hatit

Sami is our CTO and comes from Belgium. His mission is to make sure Single Invoice Cover runs on a perfect tech stack, for our most demanding partners. Sami is an engineer and a hacker, a scientist and an avid reader. He has a passion for building and developing systems, particularly software ones, and he has been programming and reverse engineering since he was a kid. His current fields of choice are: embedded development, drivers, security, network programming, robots and AI.


Gilles Porte

Gilles is an all-rounder in trade finance, and has been with Euler Hermes for 35 years. He is part of Euler Hermes France, and has been instrumental in the design of Single Invoice Cover when we decided to commercially launch it for URICA in France; indeed Gilles has been able to connect the dots between all the pieces we needed to assemble to deliver on the radical API-driven vision we had, and to convince the various teams at Euler Hermes that it would all be fine. When he is not discussing an innovative concept with clients or at a FinTech conference, Gilles loves long-distance running.


David Harrison

David is our Product Owner. He is a SAAS entrepreneur from Australia, trying to cope with the UK weather. David bridged the gap between the needs of FinTech startups like Skuchain, established factoring giants, and the complicated realities of a credit insurer’s legacy interfaces and systems. In his spare time, David enjoys video games, playing football and walks on the beach.


Loic Mayeur, Arnaud Gourdon, Philippe Lorieul, Yann Bilissor, Caner Candan

They are our dev team. Loic and Arnaud are part of L’Atelier, Philippe and Yann come from Cellenza, and Caner co-founded Forge'It.

Loic is a hackathon veteran, and was the first developer on Single Invoice Cover, when we tried to build something useful for startups like Argo or Skuchain. He also co-founded L’Atelier at that time, which got a lot of traction for its code craftsmanship services.

Philippe and Yann were brought in to the team in the autumn of 2016 when Single Invoice Cover started to get solid traction in France and the dev backlog was getting out of control. Philippe and Yann basically saved us.

Arnaud is one of the key techies behind Single Invoice Cover. He’s part of L’Atelier and dedicates himself full time to EHDA. Between his many hobbies, Arnaud finds time for sunbathing and coding on the Mediterranean coast during the weekend. 

Caner is a full-stack developer and technologist, and leads our front-end development efforts. He joined the Single Invoice Cover team in the summer 2016. He lives in Spain, as the true digital nomad that he is, and beyond the sunny weather, he brings another type of diversity to the team: he has been vegan for six years.


Louiza Hacène, Victoria Stive

They are our biz dev team. Or rather were - because Louiza left us and Victoria is leaving us soon! Louiza built our Single Invoice Cover pipeline in the US, working hand-in-hand with Christina Montes de Oca. She is now focusing on her family business in the health sector in Algeria and in France.

Victoria mainly worked in EHDA’s Innovation Lab, leading our experiments in France, and was instrumental to the design of Traffic Light, our API to monitor companies’ creditworthiness. Victoria was accepted in Alibaba’s leadership program and leaves us at the end of May.

By the way, if you know amazing business developers who would like to join us in our mission to reinvent B2B commerce, send them to us!

Louiza, Victoria, you will be missed!


Daniel De Bruin, Karel De Bruin

Daniel and Karel are our R&D team within Single Invoice Cover. Daniel is an actuary and an entrepreneur. He founded MDP Labs, and is a data science veteran - with over 18 years’ experience in managing and implementing data insight and software modelling projects. Daniel is also a real geek and lives in Scotland. He joined the team in the spring of 2016 to help design the data stack supporting our vision with an actuarial mindset, and his creativity has been a fantastic asset in all the seemingly impossible projects.

Karel is Daniel’s brother, a data science magician, and lives in South Africa. He connects the dots between Single Invoice Cover stack and our network of data science partners for Single Invoice Cover: Flowcast, CRiskCo, and upcoming ones.


Martin Seeger

Martin is our risk modelling expert and researcher. He is an ex-colleague of Louis and Christophe from Oliver Wyman, and was reborn when he learned Python. Martin is our reality-check when we dream of a world of B2B trade where any transaction can be underwritten in real-time, anywhere - and he can translate it into rock-solid models. Martin lives in Berlin and in his free time, he is a happy father, a runner and a hiker, and he has been a vegetarian for 20 years.